sus a play by barrie keefe




1979: Election Night - a police interview room. Delroy is brought in ‘on suspicion’ and accused of his wife's murder. After a night of brutal interrogation, he’s released without charge. The country wakes up to a Conservative Government with Margaret Thatcher as the new Prime Minister. Is this the dawning of a new era?

A shocking and disturbing account of overt racism and the abuse of police power, SUS is still powerfully relevant today. Our site-specific production at Bridewell Island, a former Police & Fire Station complex in the centre of Bristol, combined archive footage and music with this hard-hitting, provocative modern classic. Up-and-coming Bristol MCs & DJs wrote and performed their responses to the play and explored how ‘stop and search’ affects their lives.

CAST: Bob Gwilym, Huss Garbiya, Jack Wharrier. DIRECTOR: Kath Rogers. DESIGN: Tomasin Cuthbert. LIGHTING: Tim Streader. SOUND: Jason Barnes. WRITER Barrie Keefe's extensive TV, film & theatre credits include the screenplay for the classic British gangster movie The Long Good Friday.

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