My Judy Garland Life
adapted from the Susie Boyt

This magical play tells the story of growing up under the spell of Judy Garland. Featuring Judy's greatest songs alongside key moments in Susie and Judy’s lives, it is an original take on the relationship between a fan and a star. Susie comes to know Judy as ‘the greatest friend I never had’ and through her eyes, we see the complex, troubled and uniquely gifted Judy Garland as never before.

Directed by Kath Rogers, My Judy Garland Life opened at Nottingham Playhouse in February 2014, with Sally Ann Triplett as Judy, Faye Elvin as Susie, Stefan Bednarczyk as Mr. S, Delroy Brown as Mr. T and William Oxborrow as Mr. L.

"There is a warmth, an eccentricity, and a sorrow at the eternal paradox of how a star who feels herself to be a void can fill the emptiness in her listeners, offering comfort she never finds.   And a final explosion of showmanship asks us, with all humility, to consider allowing the strings of our own hearts to go zing.  So yes, mine did." Libby Purves, theatrecat.

Director: Kath Rogers. Designer: Tom Rogers. Lighting: Mike Gunning. Video: Barret Hodgson. Choreographer: Adele Parry. Sound: Drew Baumohl. MD: Stefan Bednarczyk.

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