Park Street, 1944:

Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock-tick. One more hour you’ll never get back. One more night passes and nothing has changed. The future is now, man, it’s now, man, it’s now. And what are you doing with it, ey?”

Splice Theatre returns to the Tobacco Factory with an exciting and original new play inspired by the legendary Bristol nightclub. Based on real-life events, The Dug Out is an uplifting tale of black and white teenage clubbers, set against a classic love story of thirty years earlier.

Playwright Amanda Whittington cleverly fuses two defining moments in Bristol’s social history. A live DJ splices 70s ska, reggae and funk with 40s black American jive. A professional cast are joined by a local community chorus of ‘Young Clubbers’.

So for clubbers young and old, it’s time to get down to The Dug Out: where allegiances are made, battles are fought, the past is present, the future is now and we’re all united by the music.

Director: Kath Rogers. Designer: Halla Groves-Raines. Sound: Charlie Knight. Lighting: Mike Gunning.


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